March 21, 2012

Winter just got up and left! 
I find myself conflicted by the recent record setting warm weather.  I have to admit it feels good, but this just isn't right!      As far as winter camping in the Park, we have some serious issues now: 

With current conditions and forecasts for more very warm weather tomorrow, we will be calling all remaining parties with winter camping reservations at Chimney Pond or Roaring Brook.  The Chimney Pond Trail is no longer suitable for hauling a sled.  The Park access road is free of snow over long distances and not suitable for snowmobile or ski traffic.  Portions of the Roaring Brook Road are likely to bare off over the next two days.

The Abol Slide is now snow free.  Based on the likelihood of fragile and very soft conditions on the Tableland, all west side Park trails (Abol and Hunt) are now closed to foot traffic until conditions dry and improve or winter returns.  

A changing climate promises to present an environment of continuing and unpredictable change as ecologies and systems adjust to new paradigms.  This weather may be just a one-off, or it might be a harbinger of our future.  Time will tell.