March 19, 2012

I have to admit the unusual warm weather feels really nice, but troubling at the same time
- it is after all, March in north central Maine.  Sixty to seventy degrees and a light breeze can really change a winter environment.  We have removed the snowmobile from Chimney Pond over the weekend and Chimney Pond is refilling with meltwater and has risen over 5 feet.  Saddle Brook is open and running for the first time since the fall and probably the earliest in many years.  The Pamola Ice sheet is now very questionable for any climbing.  On the north end, Trout Brook is open and running high and timber harvesting activities in the SFMA have been suspended until May or June.  Temperatures are forecast to return to more normal ranges by this weekend, but by then we will be significantly closer to spring with considerably less snow and likely bare ground on southern exposures.  If you are a white tail deer or a deer tick, this was a great winter. If you like to cross country ski - not so much.  Either way, it's unusual for this part of Maine to be so springlike in March.