March 12, 2012

It seems that our very mild winter may now be preparing for an early departure.
  Forecasts for this week and into next week suggest very mild weather with daytime temperatures in the 40's and 50's.  This sounds more like April than March.  The existing snowpack seems less dense than usual and we know that ice conditions are suspect.  We strongly advise all winter travelers use great caution when crossing any stream, pond or other water body.  This advice is supported by a report from Deputy Chief Ranger Stewart Guay.  Traveling to Russell Pond from South Branch Pond on March 10, Stewart reported:
"Pogy Notch Trail impassible to snowmobile, very difficult for pedestrian...between Black Duck Bog and Pogy Pond, water/ice has dammed up and H2O is over the bridge, swamping hundreds of feet of trail.  It is amazing to behold.  We thrashed out around through trees and brush so campers can find their way.  This may not improve for awhile, looking at the forecast trend."
For campers at Chimney Pond, the warm weather should provide excellent spring conditions, but care is advised when crossing Basin Pond, particularly at the access and exit points of the pond.