March 15, 2012

Although recent warm weather has lowered snow levels, it was still winter in the Park on Wednesday, March 14.  The Park's administrative team traveled into the Katahdin Lake parcel to conduct a winter reconn of the 150 acre parcel on the southeast corner of Katahdin Lake recently gifted to the Park by the Huber family and corporation.  It snowed most of the day, but temperatures were very reasonable and traveling was good on a relatively firm crust.  We had a good look at sites of interest on the property including the shorefront on Katahdin Lake, Rocky Pond and an existing segment of forest management road that remains on the property.

BSP Admin Team at Rocky Pond:  Business Manager Christine Theriault, Chief Ranger Ben Woodard, Park Naturalist Jean Hoekwater, Resource Manager Rick Morrill

On our way into, and out of Katahdin Lake, we ran into Holly Hamilton's crew hard at work to complete the transport of materials and supplies into Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps for use next season.  The weather forecast suggests that this activity may get much more difficult in the coming days as we are now entering a stretch of sunny and very warm weather, including days in the 60's early next week.  A significant length of warm weather at this time will likely end snowmobile access to Chimney Pond for the Park Rangers and may re-route access for foot travel as well.  Much of Maine now seems 3 weeks ahead of schedule and although still snow-covered, the Park may be in the same position.  We may be hiking early this year.