March 26, 2012

The weather forecast for this week is more what we would expect for this time of year, but it will be hard to bring winter back.  Much of the Park's Tote Road is now without snow and conditions are more reminiscent of late April than late March.  Ranger reports from 3/24 indicate that most of the snow has left from Abol Campground and the Tableland.  We have closed all Katahdin trails due to soft conditions. Lakes in the Millinocket area are showing signs of losing their ice sheet, although colder nighttime temperatures this week will slow the ice-out progress.  We are gearing up for a possible early opening of the Park Tote Road and low elevation trails in the Park.  As always, how things turn out will depend upon the weather in the coming weeks.  The photos below were taken by Chief Ranger on 3/23.