March 6, 2012

I spent the day once again in the north end of the Park, traveling to Russell Pond from Matagamon.  Conditions in the Park today were perfect - great snow and enough of it.  BSP Ranger Mike Martin and Backcountry Ranger Greg Hamer were finishing firewood prep for Russell Pond and now have only one or trips worth of bog bridging to haul to complete all hauling work into Russell Pond.  If time and conditions permit, Rangers will work on hauling materials into the new site at Middle Fowler to replace Middle Fowler South backcountry campsite, which is scheduled to be discontinued in 2012 in favor of a more environmentally stable and enjoyable site on the west shore of Middle Fowler Pond.
At Chimney Pond, conditions are also very good for winter traveling.  Rangers at Chimney will be working over the next week on the remaining firewood to be hauled up to Chimney from Roaring Brook to complete the hauling work for 2012.
Warmer weather is forecast for the next several days and perhaps next week.  While this may make for sticky skiing, travel at altitude on nice days will be very enjoyable.  Although there is a reasonable depth of snow in the Park, the snow cover seems relatively airy and without much water content compared to past years.  Warm weather could change conditions rapidly and a week of warm weather should raise concerns for travel on any ice in the backcountry. 
Safe travels.