April 22, 2012

Winter continues to lurk in the shady corners of the Park. 
After last week's nice weather, we know that hikers are starting to think about Park trails - getting to the trailhead is the issue right now.  Rangers have been checking Park roads every few days, including today.  There are still too many soft spots in the Park Tote Road and the Roaring Brook Road in both the road and road shoulders to allow safe passage of vehicles to trailheads at Abol other west side trails and South Branch Pond.  We will check roads again on Wednesday, April 25.  This is always a difficult time of year, as spring always comes earlier to almost everywhere else in Maine.  The early spring conditions and weather this year are making it particularly tough, but we appreciate your patience so we can be sure that vehicle and hiking traffic is safe for visitors and doesn't degrade the treadway and trail corridors.  Please check this blog and our website regularly - we will be opening roads and trails as soon as nature allows!