April 9, 2012

We are preparing to launch a new website
- much of the same information but also some new material. The website will include 6 downloadable 8 1/2" x 11" maps of popular hiking areas in the Park. The maps will be free and will cover east and westside Katahdin trails, Katahdin Lake, Daicey-Kidney, South Branch Pond and Five Ponds area trail areas.
More on the website in coming posts.

Rain forecast for this week will likely speed the melting of remaining snow and ice-out may occur on southern Park ponds.  BSP Ranger Mike Martin and Trail Crew Supervisor Paul Sannicandro have provided a few photos of road and snow conditions on the north end of the Park as well as a photo of Foss Knowlton Pond that characterize conditions in the Park at this time.

Fowler Green - 1/2 mile of snow/ice
Trout Brook Crossing
Foss & Knowlton Pond with partial ice-out

We are now wrapping up our winter work and getting ready for the spring.  Wet weather this week will ease the high fire danger that has worried us for the past two weeks. Onward to summer!