April 13, 2012

We have now launched our revised website.   I really hope you like the new look!
 We worked hard to make the site more intuitive and to set the menus up to meet the demonstrated desires of the site users over the past two years.  We'll continue to work to improve the site to help you to more easily visit and enjoy our beautiful Park.
Improving weather over the last week and the forecast for the coming week suggests that we are getting closer to opening the Park Tote Road to vehicle access.  Park Rangers will be checking the road conditions frequently over the coming week and will open Park roads in sections from Matagamon Gate and Togue Pond Gate inwards towards the center of the Park as soon as they have confirmed the frost is out and road conditions are ready for vehicle traffic.
Saying goodbye to a great winter

As the roads open to vehicle access, trailheads to lowland trails and ponds will also become accessible.  Rangers will also soon begin hiking mountain trails to check on conditions.  Trails above treeline will remain closed until snow has melted and the trails are dry and hard enough to sustain hiking traffic in the fragile alpine habitat.  We ask hikers to respect our trail closures - even though conditions in the lowlands are clear and dry, conditions on the Tableland are often much different.   Protecting the fragile high country habitats is an important part of our mission and Park Rangers will issue citations to hikers hiking on closed trails.We have more snow on the Tableland now than we did in the third week of March.  Despite the back and forth of this very weird spring - all indications are that we will have the earliest opening of the Park in many years.  I can't wait!