January 30, 2012

A storm last Friday brought 7-8" of new snow and a trace of ice to Chimney Pond and the higher elevations of the Park.
Strong winds over the weekend have moved snow into the gulleys on the south basin wall and some primary climbing routes and gullies may be developing instability.  We'll be watching this in the coming days. Our total snowfall so far this season at Chimney is 61" and 41" of snow cover the ground as measured by the measuring stick at Chimney.  Ice continues to build on the Pamola Ice Cliffs.  Rangers expect to begin a serious effort to haul supplies this week now that the Chimney Pond Trail has sufficient snow to set a trail.  Skiing conditions on the Roaring Brook Road and the lower elevations in the Park are good to excellent.
Trout Brook Farm has 18" of snow on the ground, but snow thins to 12" at South Branch Pond.  Rangers have broken out the winter trail through Pogy Gap to Russell Pond.
After a long delay due to low snow levels, Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps will begin to break out the Katahdin Lake Trail this week. 
It's starting to feel like winter, finally.
Some recent photos from Chimney Pond, courtesy of Chimney Pond Winter Ranger Mark Sairio.
Pamola Ice

Lean-to #4 at Chimney Pond