January 18, 2012

Chimney Pond received about 2" of snow wet snow and a trace of rain Tuesday night on top of the   29" base layer. 
This wet top layer should freeze hard by tonight with high winds and sub-zero temperatures forecast for Wednesday night.   Ice routes are building and many are reasonably good.   The Saddle Trail has been broken out to Baxter Peak.  The Park Tote Road is fair for skiing and tow sleds.  Woodland trails will be mostly good, but may still have bare or icy spots and will generally have to be walked.  Snow depths are currently not sufficient for ski travel or sleds on the Chimney Pond Trail but the forecast suggests more snow Tuesday night and Wednesday.  For more details on current trail conditions and access status, campers are advised to call our hiker information line at 207-723- 4636 or Park Headquarters at 207-723-5140.

The Park held a very successful opening day of summer reservations yesterday.  About 50 people were lined up outside Park Headquarters when we opened the doors to the conference room at 6:35 am.  By the end of the day more than 110 people had entered the line to make a reservation for the summer season.
At this time, the rolling reservation system is in place - reservations can currently be made for any site in the Park within 4 months of the current day (May 15-18).  See the  Reservation page on the Park's website for more information on this system.

In 2011, the Park introduced the option of on-line reservations within two weeks (14 days) of the date of arrival.  This option will remain in place this season until June 16, at which time all available sites in the Park will be open to on-line reservations until the close of the camping season on October 15.
Opening Day at Park Headquarters - 2012