February 13, 2012

Ben Woodard, Rick Morrill and Jean Hoekwater at Foss & Knowlton Pond
It's now at the point that I can't remember the date of the last significant snowfall - probably in late January.
 About 48" of snow is on the ground at Chimney - last year we had 80"+ at this time of year.  50" of snow is still enough to play in and conditions in the Park are generally very good for winter travel.  One benefit of a snowless period is that almost all routes are broken out for skis and sleds.  Along with other members of the Park's administrative team, I skied to Foss & Knowlton Pond on Friday.  A beautiful day, and warm enough to make for some sticky snow on the way back to Abol Bridge in the afternoon.  The trail had been broken out and was excellent for ski and sled travel to Daicey Pond and beyond.