November 29, 2012

Katahdin Slips on a Winter Coat

The abundance of clear but cool weather this fall has provided a lot of fall hiking opportunities.  We remind our fall hikers that they are entering a true wilderness.  November hikers have a very good chance of not seeing other hiking parties during their day hike.  Fall hikers especially, should be prepared for winter weather and hiking conditions, responsible for their own safety and ready to self rescue.  With the limited daylight hours and cold nights, setting a firm turn-around time and sticking to it is an especially important step in safe and responsible Katahdin hiking during the shoulder season.
Our winter camping and hiking season at the Park begins on December 1.  With the more certain expectation of full winter conditions, hikers traveling above treeline after 12/1 are required to register their climb with Park HQ seven days in advance. 
Baxter Park Ranger Mike Winslow patrolled Katahdin trails on Wednesday, November 28.  He reported 1-2" of snow on the trails and up to a foot in drifts.  I've included some photos Mike captured on his hike.