May 20, 2012

Eighty degrees and sunshine really makes a difference!
  After checking roads and trails, we are now opening all west side and most east side Katahdin trails.   The only Park trails that remain closed are the Saddle and Cathedral trails.  We expect these trails to open early in June. 

Hikers on the Hunt Trail near Thoreau Spring have noticed the string fencing we have installed (you can see the string fencing in the photo).  The string lines are there to encourage and guide hikers to stay on the trail.  We installed this fencing in 2007.  Although it takes regular annual effort to maintain it, the positive effects of the fencing are already apparent in the comparison of before (2002) and after (2011) photos we took of various points on the fenced trail.  Vegetation is returning to eroded and braided sections of the trail in the area, which is great news considering the Hunt Trail in this area travels along and through some of the rarest natural community habitat in the State of Maine.  When you are hiking toward Baxter Peak in this area, help out the Park and the generations of hikers who will hike this trail in the future and stay "inside the string" and on the trail.
The Park road system is now completely open.  What a strange spring, if there was such a thing.  After a brief stint of summer in March, we went back to weather that was more winter than spring,  Now, it seems we have gone directly to summer.  What a world.  So, summer is upon us, let's hike! I hope to see you on the trail soon!